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  • Sean

    I have people ask me all of the time how do I have such a thick, full and amazing smelling beard. Yes they smell it! Part of it is genetics and the other is this oil. Well I have been using Bairds Beard Oil since it has been around. I have tried a lot of other oils for my beard and nothing has kept it as manly scented and healthy as this product. I love it so much I have had other great beards try mine, even though I’d rather not share! Every man’s beard should be so lucky to get some Bairds Beard Oil! Thanks for the great product.
  • Ken

    The best way to describe this oils aroma is seductive. I've worn this oil for a couple weeks and my beard is loving it, it gives more volume and body to my beard which is cool since its almost 20 inches long and pretty heavy (for beard hair). The scent and oil sparkle hang around for a long time keeping your beard smelling and looking great all day. Absolute home run with this one!
  • Sami

    “Holy moly guacamole” as my daughter would say. My whole family LOVES Baird’s Beard Oil! My husband uses the beard wash and oils for his beard and I use the oils on mine and my daughters hair. I don’t like using gels to spike my sons hair so I use the beard butter for him. Not only does it smell heavenly but it has major advantages to our hair growth and strength. Knowing that there are no harsh chemicals in the product makes me feel more at ease about using the product for my entire family. Oh and don’t forget about their amazing merch!! Badass company all around!!!