The difference between our beard oil and beard butter

We often get the question about the difference between beard oil and our beard butter. So I’m going to give it to you guys! First of all both products will condition and moisturize your beard and skin underneath. The difference is the butter will help your beard stay in place, for example if you have stray beard hairs that wont stay down or in place the butter will help! But don’t worry our butter wont leave your beard stiff as if you just put gel in it your beard will still have a little movement and soft to touch! If you live in a moist more humid climate our beard butter will also make sure your beard doesn’t get frizzy!  Our beard oil is mostly for beards that grow exactly how you would like them to! Most of our customers will put the oil in right out of the shower when their beard is still wet and their hair follicles are open to optimize beard and skin growth/health. Then later when their beard starts to dry they will put the butter in to shape it how they like it.


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