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Why Bairds Beard Oil????

When I’m buying a product I want to spend my money on the best product on the market! I know you guys want the same thing so our products are what you’re looking for! So why you should support Bairds Beard Oil?? We are a small family business. Thats what they say right? Support small […]


Beard growing tips

Every beard is different; how it grows, how it curls, thickness, etc but we have some tips to help any beard big or small long or short! Lets start with washing your beard, we recommend only shampooing it once a week, it strips all the natural oils from your beard! When you’re in the shower […]

What does beard oil do?

Beard oil will help two things: the skin underneath your beard and your beard hair! Beard oil is great for the skin underneath your beard because your skin can get very dry and our oil will moisturize and keep your skin healthy. Beard oil will instantly make your beard look more healthy after you put […]

All about our subscription!

If you’re interested in our subscription service you’ve came to the right place! We understand its time consuming to get on our website every month and choose your favorite product then type in your card number etc.  We set up a subscription service so you don’t have to deal with that and the best part […]

Our most popular scents!

We get a lot of questions online about our most popular scents! Most of the time Gunbarrel Musk is our most popular scent but Cats Meow has recently passed it up in sales! Cats Meow is more of a ladies favorite a more fresh cologne scent. Gunbarrel Musk is more of a sweet musky scent. […]